wooooow i havent been on here in forever

i miss rp like a motherfucker

Hi, beautiful. Mind giving us a SO? People get the misunderstand that Soundtrackrp is build upon ships. We’re not. We’re about relationships. Real life relationships between friends, enemies, neighbors, classmates, cousins, exes, crushes, annoyances. Lets face it. It’s nearly impossible lately to find roleplays where you can grow and develop your character but here at STrp we strive for character development. Our players are active and dedicated as well as we admins. So why not give us a chance?

aw, that sounds nice. take a look!


Title: Don't Stop
Artist: 5 Seconds of Summer
Played: 601 times

Don’t stop doin’ what you’re doin’
Every time you move to the beat
it gets harder for me
And you know it, know it, know it

hi hey hello!! so i decided to come back to the rph community because i missed you cuties. feel free to send in some requests, if you need any help!


hello my friends, i am very pleased to introduce you to my little gradient set. there comes a point while you’re making gradients when you realize "these all look just like each other", and you know what, they really kind of do, but i hope someone out there finds a use for them! please like/reblog if you found these useful! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚

wow i miss this blog a lot im gonna come back i think wtf

sneaks on hello

aye, so, imma leave. some aspects of this community are just getting me down and i don’t need that so im gonna take a break from this blog and stuffff. i’ll probably come back aha, knowing me. i just need some time away i think. i’m a lot busier lately and i wouldn’t have so much time for helping out anyways and i need to get out and get a job instead of spending a ton of time in my room on my laptop which isn’t helping my depression so much ya feel. so yeah, i love you guys and stay super fab. see you soon, maybe. uwu


i think i might leave the rph community idk